Tuesday 22 July 2008

Nasturtium and Prawn Salads


Inspired by our experience at Roussillon and have bought Mum some edible flowers in Selfridges, I decided to incorporate them into a light, tasty salad on a warm Saturday.

Simply marinate some large prawns in chilli, garlic and olive oil before quickly frying them. Then add them to a bunch of salad leaves and sliced avocado and sprinkle your nasturtium flowers on top.

Edible flower salad close up

Serve with some rapidly fried garlicy cougettes with a good squeeze of refreshing lemon juice.

Cougettes close

Who ever said cooking with flowers was weired or difficult! It looks beautiful and tastes fantastic. Using flowers also stops you from cooking anything too heavy, which if you are me is a very good thing! Apart from cakes of course!


Sweet Bird said...

I love this! I used to put pansies and rose petals in garden salads all the time. My all time favorite prep with edible flowers is a lavender-honey glazed salmon over edible flower salad and warmed goat cheese.

Browners said...

Hi Sweet Bird, your lavender and honey glazed salmon sounds delicious.

food makes me happy said...

So pretty!
One grocery store next to my neighborhood sells a small box of edible flowers for $8,
wonder if that's gonna be a good buy for me.

Browners said...

Hey Cindy - these flowers cost me about the same - £4. Quite pricey but they do make a nice summer salad into something far more attractive.

Cakelaw said...

This looks superb - and who knew you could eat nasturtiums?

Browners said...

Hey Cakelaw - glad you liked the Nasturtium idea. They add a nice bitter kick and look fantastic!


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