Wednesday 2 July 2008

Parmesan Custard and Anchovy Toast Continued

Cowie and I went to Burgundy over the weekend and had a wonderful time with the whole family. Each night a team of two cooked something different. Needless to say it was all fantastically French and delicious.

Whilst researching what to cook with Tamsyn I stumbled across an old Floyd book.

Floyd on France

Flicking through it I found none other than a recipe in the hors d'oeuvres section for cheese custard.

Cheese Custard

And then over the page for anchovy toast!

Anchovies on toast

A reflection of Rowley Leigh and Floyd's shared love of rustic French food? Or copywright infringement? Probably the former!

Either way, I can't wait to eat at Le Cafe Anglais in order to shove another Parmesan custard tart in my mouth whilst nibbling some crunchy anchovy toast.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Getting to sample those delights. I picture you getting your tiny spy camera out and clicking photos of those pages to hide away then put in your blog for the world to share. He he! No seriously... thanks for the Anchovy Toast recipe picture - Bond, James Bond.

ChovyChap 2008

Browners said...

That's a pleasure ChovyChap.


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