Tuesday 22 July 2008

Sandwichist: Chiltern Rooms Chorizo and Crayfish

Finding London's best sandwiches since sliced bread

Chorizo and crayfish poppy seed baguette chitlern rooms

The Chiltern Rooms is only a short stumble from the office, so it makes sense to start the quest for London's best sandwich here. Tucked away behind Baker Street, on a street with 4 shops selling oversized ladies shoes is the Chiltern Rooms. Commonly regarded as the best sandwich shop in Marylebone (apart from by my colleague who found a worm in her salad) it made sense to lay this down as the benchmark.

My favourite sandwich isn't on their menu. It's what I like the call the "Brown" but most, less idiotic, people would call a chorizo and crayfish baguette. It's not a winter sandwich. Nor is it a sandwich for autumn or spring. No. This is unashamedly a summer sanger. Light and slightly fishy it's designed for the sort of optomistic people who see a glimmer of sunshine and put on their sunglasses strip off most of their clothes and go and lie in the freezing cold.

The baguettes are always fresh. I can never resist their poppy seed number. Mainly because my Mum never let me have poppy seed bread because I would cause too much mess. The only downside is that it rasps the top of your mouth.

This one minor criticism aside - the chorizo and crayfish poppy seed baguette may not be on their menu. But it is my sandwich of the week. At £5.05 it isn't cheap. But it is worth every penny.

The Chiltern Rooms
27 Chiltern Street
London, W1U 7PJ
Nearest Transport: Baker Street

020 7935 2911


Cassandra said...

Sounds like an interesting place (I love good sandwiches). I'm very often around Baker Street, so will definitely try it.


Browners said...

It's a great sandwich shop. And this particular sandwich is an absolute cracker.

Anonymous said...

I hope they didn't charge extra for the worm.


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