Monday 7 July 2008

Taste of London Round Up

We went to the Taste of London last year and loved it. So we decided to go back. Looking back at last year's post it is interesting to see how the world has moved on. I was slimmer and had bigger hair. But the food was fairly similar. And in the case of Le Gavroche, identical!

With eager apetites and a spring in our steps we devoured the Taste of London as if rationing was about to be imposed tomorrow...

Highlights included:

The Nintendo stand where you can learn to cook using your Nintendo DS. Very cool. Really want one of these. Hint hint.


Cowie loved the Moody Muesli stand.


Their range and names are brilliant. For a snapshot of what they are like you can't go too far wrong with reading this exract from their website:

"There are four recipes available at the moment: The ‘Stop the Clock mix’; The ‘Hair of the Dog mix’; The 'Aphrodisiac mix'; and The 'Healthy Bowel mix', or as I like to call it: 'Poosli!'; although I’m busily working (and munching) away to create the next surprise in the series."

Cowie and I fell about laughing like the scatalogically minded children we are! Poosli...

In terms of the restaurants we had 3 clear favourites...

1. Le Cafe Anglais: Parmesan Custard and Anchovy on Toast.

Parmesan Custard and Anchovy Toast

Utterly awesome. The best thing I have put in my mouth this year. For more ranting and raving from me click on these two lins. Link 1. Link 2.

2. Trinity: Pigs Trotters on Toast


Not completely amazing. But delicious and mind expanding. You go to restaurants to try things you wouldn't normally cook at home. You go to events like Taste of London to be even more adventurous. Whislt this wasn't the most spectacular dish in the world I really liked it and now want to put pigs trotters in everything!

It has also made us really want to go to Trinity in Clapham Common.


3. Kai: Braised Brisket Beef & Bun

Cinnamon Beef

Cooked super slowly it tasted sweetly of cinnamon. Whilst this may not sound amazing it was really interesting. Another example of having our taste buds stretched - if that doesn't sound too painful!

We had a few dodgy dishes such as the pork belly from Saltyard which was dry and the beans were undercooked. Also, Angela Hartnett's stand York and Albany had a very dull menu which was a shame because I would have been interested in guzzling her food...

# San Daniele, melon and mint salad
# Rigatoni with tomato and rocket
# Tiramisu with Savoiardi Biscotti

My one regret is not to have devoured the short rib cottage pie from Trinity. It looked awesome and smelled brilliant. I was just too full!

We had a a great evening and are already looking forward to next year's event. Since the Taste of London we have also been to the Taste of Bath which you will be able to read about soon.


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Angela Hartnett had better do better than that when Y&A opens, and when her new Mayfair restaurant opens. I've been waiting for both with baited breath - and melon and ham salad ain't going to do it for me!

Browners said...

Exactly. Simple is one thing. But isn't this pushing things too far?


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