Saturday, 30 June 2007

Lego Salt and Pepper Shaker

I am in love with my Lego Salt and Pepper Shakers even though both are pretty much unusable from a cooking point of view! Especially if you are using proper salt and pepper.

They are guaranteed to cause a stir.


Tom said...

Sa-weeeet! I too prefer to use a pepper grinder and kosher salt, but these to kick much rear end. I wonder how big they are...perhaps with a bit of ingenuity one could make a pepper grinder of one. And I suppose the other could be used for salt storage.

Browners said...

They are really quite small. About 3 inches high and have really small apertures for the salt and pepper to come out of.

If they made grinder versions of them thaat would be awesome.

Jim said...

Cool! But at the same time, I am wary of putting any kind of severed head on my dinner table...

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I love ur blog! =) keep it up!


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