Sunday 17 June 2007

Cowie's Brownies with the Bakers Edge Brownie Tin

Earlier this month I wrote about the Baker's Edge Brownie tin which I ordered from America. It arrived last week and got its first outing on Saturday night cooking brownies for Steven and Hannah from Master Chef!

Cowie loved her present almost as much as I loved giving it to her... Brownies is what Cowie does better than anyone else in the world in the kitchen. They are normally medium rare / rare and as gungy and bad for you as you could possibly imagine! Apart from when her sister in a bout of dyslexia mis reads the recipe when sharing it over the phone and includes 4 times the amount of flour than she should do... they were like big brown bullets! The exception proves the rule.

So Cowie put the Baker's Edge pan to the ultimate test and the results were perfect. Well sort of. The first batch looked incredible. Rare, springy, gungy and full of well... as it happens knife! Cowie loaded the dishwasher up only to find the knife she had used to chop the chocolate up with was missing its tip! Nightmare. A perfect batch of brownies wasted... Disaster. The look on her poor face is something I'll never forget!

Here's the sequence of events... and a great visual testament to how good the pan is. Well done Baker's Edge... but why o why don't you sell them over here in the UK?

Ta dar!

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