Thursday 14 June 2007

Raviolo in Balham

Spotted this on the London Restaurant Review blog and followed up by looking at their fairly incomplete flashy website.

Here's what the Guardian has got to say about it:

"The trend for delivering Cheap and fast gastro-grub continues apace with this deceptively unprepossessing number. Communal tables offer all-day dining which includes antipasti and salads of a reasonable quality, but the main attraction is the ravioli. Made off-site, the pasta parcels include a fine butternut squash variety and even better beef ravioli. The self-assembly "choose your sauce or oil" option to make your meal is uncomfortably reminiscent of fast food joints. But the quality of those sauces and oils - especially of a golden, Sicilian first press extra virgin olive oil - is a pleasant surprise. While the ravioli are plentiful, well-priced and perfectly good, desserts are in an entirely different league. The flavours of a lemon and basil sorbet brought out with rock salt makes for an astonishing ice; while unusually creamy passion fruit ice cream is enhanced with chilli. The Sicilian olive oil returns, mixed with honey. Karina Mantavia

1 Balham Station Road, SW12 (Tel: 020-8772 0433) price per head £15"

Sounds really good to me. Cowie, let's go soon as a follow up to our brilliant meal at Paddyfield. Maybe we should set up a blog called Around Balham With a Paunch!

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