Saturday 30 June 2007

Tomato Pasta

Hardly original but incredibly tasty and very satisfying to make. I was made in Italy and so was this recipe. Having not been food shopping since visiting Borough Market last week I was forced to delve inside our empty fridge and erratically stocked cupboards.

I had a bag of large bag of baby tomatoes bought from a very nice man at Borough Market, some smoked garlic from the garlic specialists on the Isle of White and some old red wine. So I cooked the tomatoes down into rich red goo and threw in a generous amount of sticky, sweet, smoked garlic. This all simmered away getting sweeter and more unctuous by the second. A good sprinkling of fleur de mer sea salt, some chili, tomato paste, chopped tomatoes from a tin and some red wine were added half way through to help pad it out and add some spice.

Just before serving it I grabbed some basil and thyme from my herb pot that's doing very well in this rainy June weather and served it up. The pasta only boiled for 6 minutes so it still had a bit of bite. I stirred it all together in the pan to make sure all the pasta was coated in the sauce and then tucked in.

It was so satisfying cooking this delicious dish from scratch and only having a handful of ingredients to work with apart from some amazing tomatoes! Next time I'll make my own pasta too. I just need some more 00 flour. It's great to have the time to cook properly. It makes life so much better.

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