Saturday 30 June 2007

My Mum's Ice Bowl

My Mum is a genius in the garden and writes wonderful gardening and cookery books. But I would say that wouldn't I! I remember when I was at school she was writing The Edible Flower Garden.

I would come back from school and be used as a guinea pig trying all sorts of floral treats such as this delicious rose petal cake is a winner. I've never seen it go down badly!

And better still Mum's incredible Ice Bowl... I haven't got a copy of Mum's book with me so I have had to steal the recipe from RecipeZaar... just hope Mum forgives me!

Here's how you make it thanks to RecipeZaar...

1. Fill a metal or ceramic bowl 3/4 full with water and the flower petals.
2. Place a smaller bowl inside the first bowl and anchor with duct tape to keep it centered.
3. Freeze bowls overnight.
4. When ready to serve, remove duct tape and the small bowl.
5. If you happen to have a blow torch, flash the larger bowl to release the finished ice bowl-- but don't worry, room temperature will release the bowl in 10-15 minutes.
6. Fill with something colorful and yummy and serve!

It looks stunning when full of ice cream or a nice gazpacho. Although you've got to eat it quickly! It is certainly a good conversations starter.

Mum is having great fun teaming up with Master Chef's brilliant country cook Hannah Miles dreaming up new flowery recipes and generally getting very enthusiastic about cooking with beautiful flowers. This is the link to Hannah's demonstration from last weekend.

Here's the link to Mum's garden where we have regular garden openings throughout the summer. The next one is on July 29th.


Glenna said...

Wow! That ice bowl is the prettiest thing I've ever seen! Tahnks for sharing that and the rose cake pics. Beautiful.

Browners said...

I'm glad you like it. It's one of Mum's specialities... we've got about 6 in the freezer!

Rose cake tastes even better than it looks!

Your blog is great... looks really tasty!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely exquisite: the bowl and the gardens.

Browners said...

Thanks Tana,

If you're around in Bedfordshire on July 29th you should come over... it's our clematis open day.

SteamyKitchen said...

Stunning! I love your Mum's garden - I wish I could come visit...

Browners said...

Thanks, you must come and visit the garden if you ever come over from your steamy kitchen in Florida.

Just let me know and I'm sure we can arrange a trip or two around the garden

Fer said...

That ice bowl is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. I just linked to it on my site so other could see it too! I absolutely love it!

Michel said...

The ice bowl is very nice. I'm gonna try this some day...

Nice blog.

Browners said...

Glad you guys liked the ice bowl. It's quite a work of art. Mum only ever makes them in the summer for special occassions.


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