Sunday 24 June 2007

Taste of London Festival

Cowie and I had been looking forward to our gastronomic trip to Regent's Park for around a month now. Needless to say, I was late meeting Cowie. After a brief bit of frostiness we pottered up to the Park praying that it wasn't going to rain.

Here's a very brief run down of what we got up to at Taste of London:

Theo Randall's Scallops were really tasty and perfectly cooked but we weren't convinced by the bed of lentils they sat on.

Tom Aitken's sole goujons with chips and tartare sauce were simply amazing. So juicy. So tasty. So well battered. And the tartare sauce was very delicate. Great capers and very good herbyness. You can see how much I loved them below!

Surf and turf from Zilli's was excellent, if a little on the cold side. Juicy lamb and very strong tasting prawns came with a wonderfully oily tomato sauce.

Our favourite dish of the night came from the lads at Cinnamon Club. Curried tilapia with a yoghurt rice and carrot and coconut mousse was sensational. Cowie liked it most cos it made me hiccup!

The Gavroche stand was swarming with people, celebrities and film crews. Steven Wallis from Masterchef and M. Roux were serving out lobster bisque and daube of beef. Both were mindblowingly rich - but amazing! I washed down the little piece of lobster tail that was in the bottom of my sampling mug with a well earned sample of Penfold's chardonay! Text book!

Other highlights included some tremendous tuna sushi with truffle cream from Samosuma and seeing a whole host of very busy celebrity chefs.

Hero Fearnley Wittingstall - we're off on Hugh's mushromm foraging activity day in October which should be fun.

Wozza furiously slicing pork

I think this man's called Zilli

We left with sore feet and very stretched tummies having spent a wonderful evening sniffing, gobbling and tasting the best that London has to offer. Looking forward to next year.

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Hannah said...

hello you two - hope you are both well. I have just done a post about you and your bakers edge pan on my blog! Hope this is OK!


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