Tuesday 15 January 2008

Baxter's Flame Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

The penultimate tin of soup in my collection. I will have to go and buy a fresh batch of tins! Or better still find time to make my own.

This Baxter's soup is thick, bright orange and reasurringly full of chunks of rich red pepper. It's got good depth with a kick of spice. But then again that may have come from the pepper and Tabasco I dumped into it! Great with a torn off lump of granary baguette.

Not my absolute favourite. Whilst I could just about taste the flame roasted peppers, it would have been great for them to dominate the soup. I love the transformation of peppers from crunchy and a bit dull, to smoky, sweet and soft when you pop them in the flames of the stove for a bit. Great smell. Even better taste.

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