Tuesday 8 January 2008

Bizarre Restaurant

I found this whilst trawling through some luxury websites at work and thought it was worthy of being "Paunched". What a novel use of a disused plane. I wonder what their food is like...

Here's a review from Frommers that sums is up well.

"Set on the edge of Manuel Antonio's hillside with a great view of the ocean and surrounding forests, this restaurant is actually housed under some permanent tents and the starboard wing of a retired army transport plane, hence the name El Avión, which means "The Plane." This specific plane was actually shot down by the Sandinista army, leading to a scandal that uncovered illegal CIA supply missions to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. Today you can enjoy well-prepared seafood and steaks as you take in the unique surroundings and glow of history. Inside the fuselage you'll also find a small bar."

I'd love to go there and eat my way around the most bizarre restaurants in the world. The other one I'd like to go to is in an Italian prison.

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