Saturday 5 January 2008

Radiator Mug

Wow. I simply have to get my hands on one of these puppies. Awesome.

From Charles and Marie

"Ahhh, finally, is all we can say! We first met Stephen Reed at 100% Design in London last year where he sold the first prototype of his ingenious mug at the Super Design Mart, but it took 15 months to get it produced and it is perfect! Read on and see for yourself:

Anyone who has ever opened a PC or worked on an engine will see a resemblance to the fins that are used to cool specific parts that shouldn't get to hot. Well, the same applies here. Those fins – called heat sinks if you really want to know – cover the entire base of the mug, this way you can hold it without burning your fingers. Pretty nifty if you ask us… But don't be fooled by the temperature of your favorite beverage, whilst you may be able to hold the mug, it does not imply that it's ready to be enjoyed.

Next to the fact that it is a very cool idea, it is also a very elegant and good looking one and at 3.5" (9 cm) wide and 4.5" (11,5 cm) high, impeccably proportioned…"

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