Thursday 17 January 2008

Love Chips?

This is abit of fun.

Last Tuesday I woke up in a grim frame of mind. It was 7am, it was still dark outside and the weather was truly horrific. But somehow, the banter and jovial chat from Chris Moyles and his team on Radio 1 seemed to muster a smile to my face, even in the middle on a bleak January!

They started having an in depth chatter about Chips. The nations favourite little fried spud, and apparently this week is also National Chip Week. So what better way to celebrate, then to vote for your favourite chip and where it comes from.

The official website is

Browny and I found it tricky to decide on a conclusive result but our top 3 would be:

1. Triple fried chips at Heston's pub, The Hinds Head, Bray.

2. Rick Steins Chips from his chippie in Padstow... sensationally fried in beef drippings

3. The Abbey Friar Fish n Chip shop, Sherborne, Dorset - a local favourite chippie from my school days!

Who's your favourite potato friend?

1 comment:

Browners said...

The chips at the White Eagle in Roscolyn were amazing too... mmm

Mayo and ketcup.

No vinegar please.


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