Thursday 3 January 2008

Cowie's Famous New Year Fridge Cake

New Year is here and what better way to celebrate than to send up some fireworks and tuck into something sweet before having to make resolutions about what to do for the year ahead!

Cowie is without question the Queen of the Fridge Cake. She's been experimenting for a while now. We've had bubble wrap used to create an interesting texture, white chocolate layers and this time Cadbury's Mini Eggs... is it Easter already?

All you do is melt a scary amount of chocolate, crush up some digestives, add whatever goodies you want including raisins, Malteasers, golden syrup and then pour it all into a cling film lined dish. Pop it in the fridge and slice it up when it's time for a major sugar rush. Be warned. It's very rich!

Everyone loves these. Cowie is constantly being asked for the recipe and uses them as little treats for colleagues at work. They certainly seem to make her popular!

O.... and you have to dress up in your finest frock to serve them!

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