Wednesday 9 January 2008

Mexican Scrambled Eggs

The first time I had Mexican scrambled eggs was in Kokrabite just down the coast from Ghana's capital, Accra. It's a haven for backpackers and run by a charmingly relaxed couple who just love being by the sea.

After a long night of drinking and playing cards under the stars we spent we woke up feeling worse for wear. Not really knowing what I was doing and remembering my Dad's hillarious incident involving a spicey omelette in Los Angeles. Hopping around the hotel restaurant Dad seemed like he was willing to do anything to put the fire out in his mouth!

So as part of "Austerity January" Cowie and I cooked up our pown version of Giraffe's "Ranch Style Eggs Tostada", which is essentially the Eggs Sambal I had in Ghana served on a tortilla.

Simply fry down some onions and add a splash of smoked paprika. Add some chopped, seeded tomatoes, chilli, chorizo and spring onions and allow everything to soften and come together. Flame some peppers to get that nice blackened taste. Then beat some eggs, add some pepper and pop it in the pan.

Then just cook it like you would scrambled eggs whilst dry frying the tortilla. Pop it all on the plate and pray that you have got the spicing right!

Delicious. Cheap. Satisfying.

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Anonymous said...

Have to recommend this one..

Seriously tasty!


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