Tuesday 15 January 2008

Willy or Won't He...

It seems people actually read the Paunch and take it seriously! Which is brilliant beyond belief!

Willy or Won't He wrote:

"And while looking for a review of the Fountain Restaurant at Fortnum and Mason's - that's were I'm taking Deb for lunch on Thursday before the Panto - I discovered Around Britain with a Paunch. I'm still working through who's who but I gather Jonathan is the author and Cowie is his girlfriend/SO/wife but he/they are real serious foodies. The pictures are great and the reviews, comments and observations fun. Lunch at the Fountain sounds like it should be great for a London lunch."

For the record this is what we look like whilst camping in Devon last summer:

I can confirm for anyone who is in the slightest bit interested that I am Jonathan and Sarah is my girlfriend. But because we're a bit weird we call each other by our surnames! So I'm Brown, or Browners, or Bronwy and the boss is called Cowie! We're obsessed with food and are finding it almost impossible not to go out for dinner during Janurary because it was one of our resolutions. But we're looking forward to eating at some nice places in February such as Tsuami for some Japanese food and the Hind's Head in Bray for Heston's tremendous pub food. And Cowie is taking me to a mystery restaurant once pay day arrives!

Thanks Willym for the post and link. I hope you enjoy the Fountain Restaurant at Fortnums.

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