Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Balham Closures

It's very sad to see more restaurants and cafes perish in Balham. The latest victims are Nanglo...

Nanglo Closing

and Brew...

Brew closing

In the past we've seen Tabaq become Brasserie James and Raviolo metamrphose into Cattle Grid. So let's hope that the latest closures act as the springboard for another restaurant's success. Having said that I am sure that the first few months of next year are going to be hell for anyone running an average restaurant.

Fingers crossed we're in for another brilliant restaurant for Balham!


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

I'm not sure that Nanglo is any great loss, tbh. I felt the cooking was only so-so, and was once served a curry with a shard of glass in it...

Can't vouch for Brew either way.

Like you say, though, it'll be interesting to see what happens in the next few months.

In the meantime - have a great Christmas and New Year!

Browners said...

Gosh. Nanglo sounds terrible. Whenever we walked past it looked very sorry for itself and we never felt like going there.

I went to Brew on Nothcote Rd once and had a very average experience. So am not surprised it has gone either. Plus it never looked very busy.


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

... and now Woolies is gone, and M&S Simply Food is going... Balham won't have much left at this rate!

Browners said...

Poor old Balham. I guess something similar is happening up and down the country. At least we've still got Waitrose.

The Treasure Hunter said...

Nanglo was brilliant - I've been going for the last seven years. I started going there back when it was a traditional, swirly-carpet curry house. I loved the food, and the staff were so friendly. They always remembered your name and even gave me a cake on my birthday once. I'll really miss it!

Browners said...

Hi Jenny

I love your expression "swirly carpet curry house". I feel really bad for having never been now it looks like it has closed.

One potential glimmer of hope is that I saw a scribbling in the window that suggested they were just refurbishing...

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Well, the restaurant will open late March / early April fingers crossed, and hopefully you all will be pleasantly surprised with it when it is ready to open its doors.
We will welcome you all to visit and comment after you have seen inside and tasted the Nepalese cuisine. It has taken longer than we wanted it to, but we wanted to get it right the first time.

Browners said...

Hi Mansoor,

Welcome to the Paunch. I am very interested to see your new restaurant and sample your Nepalese food. I have a soft spot for it.

Please email me at jonathan(dot)brown(at)notorious(dot)global(dot)com when you are open and want us to visit.



Mansoor said...

Light of Gurkha is now nearly ready. We have done 2 soft openings for 140 people and we found that everyone very much enjoyed the food and the decor. We are just recruiting more staff for all of you to further enjoy your future visit. I believe another week and we will finally be open after 6 months of hard work trying to get Balham a good nepalese restaurant. And also, i am sure that you will like the wine list too :)

Browners said...

Hi Mansoor - I popped in to Light of Gurka on Saturday and was shown around by a very friendly man who showed us the kitchen and the new menu which looks very interesting. We're looking forward to visiting you soon.


Mansoor said...

Good to hear from you. I was told you popped in, but I just missed you. Well we are now open and will welcome you when you come over to try out our food. Let me know when and I am sure we will finally meet :)


Browners said...

@Mansoor - I'm looking forward to visiting. We'll see you soon.



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